17-12-2007  Tuesday


1 9th December 2007 Sunday 4:05 PM From Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur

Sight seeing :


2 10th December 2007 Monday Hop on Hop off  Bus tour of Kuala Lumpur City

Chinese Temple, Hindu Temple


3 11th December 2007 Tuesday 10:00 AM Istana Negara (National Palace)

12:00 - 1:00 PM Eye on Malaysia

7:00 - 11:00 PM Christmas Magical Fairies in Mid Valley Megamall

4 12th December 2007 Wed 11:00 - 2:00 PM Lord Muruga Status and 272 steps to Holy Caves
5 13th December 2007 Thu A day of discovery and excitement in Sunway Lagoon
6 14th December 2007 Friday Hop on - Hop Off City Tour to National Museum
7 15th December 2007 Sat Butterfly Park, Kuala Lumpur
8 16th December 2007 Sunday Genting Highlands Indoor Theme Park
9 17th December 2007 Monday Genting Outdoor Theme Park
10 18th December 2007 Tuesday Johore Bahru
11 19th December 2007 Wednesday Home sweet home

Genting Outdoor Theme Park 17th December 2007 MON 12:16PM

Genting Outdoor Theme Park

Genting Outdoor Theme ParkGenting Outdoor Theme ParkGenting Outdoor Theme Park

Genting Highlands  'City of Entertainment' . Malaysian  call it the Las Vegas of Malaysia because here is the only place where gambling is legal. Muslims are not allowed inside the casino. We apply this good protection regulation to ourselves too. We do not visit the casino either during the trip.

1800 m above sea level, Genting boasts of some awesome rides in outdoor and indoor theme park, 18-hole golf course and array of other entertainment outlets. 

The weather for this trip is not as good as last year when Xing and I came for the first time. See : First Genting Highlands Trip

Fun at the peak!

Welcome to Genting Theme Park!

What you're reading now is only a mild preview of the mind-blowing experience you're about to have. That's because words won't make you scream, whirl you around till you can't tell up from down, nor will they leave you gasping for breath. What will make you feel all the above are our rides.

Let loose on the Corkscrew and the Space Shot, two rides that will have your heart pounding. Once you've conquered that, take your courage further by trying the all new Flying Coaster - the first roller coaster of its kind in Asia that speeds you through the air at zero gravity.

If daring rides aren't for you, then the 40 other rides awaiting you are sure to fill you with joy and laughter. Whirl on the Spinner or have a delightful time playing in a snowy playground in SnowWorld.

With so much to look forward to, what are you waiting for? Step right in and have the time of your life at Genting Theme Park!

Please send your comments to customerfeedback@genting.com and log on to www.genting.com.my for further details.

We saw a clown entertaining a bunch of eager children at outdoor theme park. The clowns here do a good job in entertaining the kids.

There are several clowns around both indoor and outdoor entertaining the visitors and giving out balloons. They are all in their teenage. Likely students of a entertainer training institutes

This was the first clown we met (photo left)

Yin  usually  scare of clowns  because of their heavy makeup and you can see Yin keeping a distance from him despite the clown's effort to get closer contact with the children.

But  by the time she interacted with the 2nd clown (below) she was confident enough to have photo with him.


Genting's outdoor theme park consists of rides which cater for guests for all ages. Rides such as the corkscrew and the spaceshot are not for the faint hearted.

The admission price is quite reasonable and guests can re-enter later in the day if they leave the park.

The park get very crowded during school holidays. To try most of the popular rides, one has to be early and buy the tickets the moment the counters open before long queue gathered at the counter.

This was the first time Shirley and Yin on any of such rides and activities. Their faces were full of joy mixed with fear. Yin was thrilled as it was her first time taking the merry go around, kiddies rides, Tea Cup Family Rides and lots of other adventurous and thrilling rides in the outdoor and indoor parks.

Genting Highlands...Xing and I visited last November. The memories are still so fresh even after over a year!

Midnight we  were still at the indoor theme park enjoying the indoor rides.  Everyone had such a great time.

Shirley and Yin were adventurous sort. They practically tried  all slow rides leaving those very fast speed out. The indoor theme park at night was also amazing just as it was glittering, but unluckily we missed out on a couple of the games/experiences there being exhausted as we were by the day's end. For us who cam from a sleepy town, there was nothing really to 'dislike' about in such a wonderful place.


Monorail - A slow ride that takes one around the entire outdoor theme park at an elevated level. Once again the view is fabulous.

the mist was awesome. So beautiful and serene amidst the lush greenery. Genting's surroundings is very picturesque. It was freaking cold !! Even more so since it's the rainy season !!

Genting is big and we almost got lost ! There's way too many escalators.

The first day  we hung out in the indoor theme park and visited a few places.

The rain  leaving the outdoor theme park damp and covered with billowing wind and mist.

It was so beautiful, We love the mist ! Though it was freakishly cold.

We enjoyed the whole theme park. The rides I enjoyed the most in the outdoor theme park were the plume ride, the spinning swing thingy,

AT around 6:00pm as soon as we got back to hotel room, Yin plopped herself to bed to sleep only to wake up the next morning for breakfast.  The next morning, we had a sumptuous buffet breakfast First World Cafe.

Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum is the second museum available in South East Asia after Thailand.

In the museum are some of the astounding collections by Ripley. On display are items which Ripley collected while globe-trotting, bizarre, unique and fascinating items.

Ripley’s Believe It or not. It housed some actual artifacts, and some surreal stuff

This is skeleton of the largest shark teeth in the world.

Xing and I went to Cybercafe to surf internet for some information. The charge is Rm 10.00 for 40 minutes.

Meals expenses is more higher than last year when we came in December. Food there is expensive ... but what can you do when it's far away from the city and has foreigners frequently visiting them ?

For example :

Hakka Pan Mee Rm 10.93 (9.50++)

Penang Fried Kue Teow Rm 10.00

Wantoon Mee Soup Rm 8.50 (at Market Food Street)

A Cup of Soft Drink Rm 3.5 (at Market Food Street)

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